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Have an empty workspace or boardroom?

Do you have an empty workspace or office in your building that is just sitting there? Or maybe a beautiful meeting room that is only used once or twice a week?

Do you wish there was a way to monetize these spaces with little hassle and maximum profitability?

Meet workaru – an online opportunity for you to list your unused office space for on-demand, short-term use – just like you would a vacation rental property.

Utilize and monetize available spaces

Join a network of professionals searching for on-demand workspaces

Meeting Room

Large space accommodating multiple guests.

Shared Space

Open concept space.

Private Office

Closed office space that is free of distractions.

Open Air

Refreshing outdoor space.

Why choose workaru?

Affordable. We provide affordable office and workspace to individuals and businesses in need of professional, on-demand work environments outside of home or on the road.

Opportunity. We give business owners the opportunity to capitalize on the available space they have within their business by offering a platform to list desks, offices, conference rooms, and workspaces.

Peace of Mind. We provide traveling or nomadic workers peace of mind with an opportunity to find appropriate and affordable workspaces to meet their individual needs.

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